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Friends of the Montana Constitution is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit that celebrates and supports the Montana Constitution and the people, processes and places that helped to create it fifty years ago in 1972.

Montana's State Constitution 50th Anniversary

The purposes of Friends of the Montana Constitution shall include but not be limited to promoting and enhancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of the 1972 Montana Constitution; advancing civics education at all levels about the 1972 Montana Constitution; and recognizing and celebrating the 1972 Constitutional Convention and its delegates.

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Montana Logging and Ballet Company:


#1: Winds of Constitutional Change

Chuck Johnson
Nancy Leifer

#2: Constitutional Visionary

Arlyne Reichert 

#3: The Rulemaker

Marshall Murray


#4: The Youngest Giant

Mae Nan Ellingson

#5: Pastor from Poplar

Gene Harbaugh

#6: Dedicated to the Law

Jerry Loendorf

#7: Con Con’s Conscience

Lyle Monroe


#8: The Quiet One

Lynn Sparks Keeley


#9: View from the Northeast

Roger Wagner


#10: Declarer of Rights

Rick Applegate

#11: Elevating Education

Bruce Sievers

#12: Fair Taxes Finally

Roger Barber

#13: Voting for Good

Jim Grady

#14: Opening the Legislature

Rich Bechtel

#15: Strengthening the Executive

Karen Beck Caplis

#16: Reflections from Young Max

Ambassador Max Baucus

#17: First Lady of Lawyering

Diana Schutte Dowling

#18: Smooth Running Operation

Ed Smith

#19: Con Con Through Young Eyes

Jeff Rupp, Nancy Lien, and Randy Gray

#20: Native Voice

Anna Whiting Sorrell and Michael Jetty

#21: A 50-year Legal Lookback

Jim Goetz and Raph Graybill

#22: Last Reform Commissioner

Harry Mitchell

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